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Area Lights

We have area lights especially designed for indoor use of e.g. production halls and our outdoor area lights  can be used in a variety of hazardous area applications like the oil & gas industry, chemical industry, marine and offshore platforms (both indoor and outdoor), but our area lighting can also be applied for architecture exposure.

You can create your own exclusive light, adapted to your preferences using our product key. Let us know your wishes and we can check the actual availability.

Product Key:

LF70ES - XXX - XXX - XX -  
Code - Ra-Value and color temp. Output Power (W) Lighting Angle Special
755 - RA=70-80; 5500-6000K 150 (150W) 15° contact us for special options
827 - RA=80-90; 2700K 200 (200W) 25°
300 (300W) 60°
400 (400W) Asymmetrical
600 (500W)

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