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Improve lighting quality, safety and reliability
Energy efficient & durable


When you need to illuminate a larger area, or e.g. from a great height, we recommend a floodlight if you want to improve the light quality. Another positive consideration is that the floodlights are known for their long lifespan and they can be easilly installed. Our floodlights are used in ports, quays and docks all around the world, but you can also find them also in mines, at squares, large buildings …

If you are looking for a one-on-one replacement of the conventional high pressure sodium lighting fixtures up to 1500 Watt without losing illuminance, then our floodlights are an excellent choice. The Ra-coloring index is much higher. (Up to Ra=85, depending on light color from the LED). This will improve the general safety e.g. in and around the cranes and crane areas and improve production of the crane trough better visibility.

The excellent vibration, corrosion resistance and high efficiency (up to 150 lm/w) in combination with the long life span of the LED reduces the total cost of ownership significantly. And don’t forget the influence on the environment in the most positive way: low-energy consumption,  a long life span of the fixtures and also low levels of stray-light, which helps to preserve wildlife and reducing your carbon-footprint.

You can use our floodlights for new build cranes, but also on all existing crane types, like STS, Straddle Carriers, and Stacking Cranes. Even in the latest Ship-To-Shore cranes for the “triple E” class ships you can find our floodlights. And off course the lighting will improve compared to the conventional lighting fixtures.

We made a selection of our most requested floodlight-series for outdoor use in a very harsh environment such as Ports, Marine, Offshore, Mine Sites,..